Artists began interrogating the conceptual and material form of the book during the 20th Century. Today the term artist’s book encompasses a broad definition of art and literature, involving every possible mode of production.

It is hard to find an art movement which does not have some component of the artist’s book attached to it. Yet where in Britain can you browse a wide range of current artists’ books for sale? Certainly not in any chain and very few other places either. If you are lucky you may have seen a few herded together behind glass in an art gallery shop.

So in 2002 Tanya Peixoto, co-founder of the Artist’s Book Yearbook, took matters into her own hands to create a specialist walk-in bookshop in the heart of London’s East End art world!

bookartbookshop features the publications of some of Britain’s best-known artist presses and publishers of artists’ books, as well as books from abroad. The shop is a centre and a service for individual & institutional collectors, artists, publishers and the aesthetically and bibliographically curious. It is presently a not-for-profit organisation ploughing back any profits into the improvement of the enterprise, and while it aspires to have a team of full paid staff it is still dependant partly upon volunteer labour.

As well as being a place to bring books to sell and find books to buy, bookartbookshop also presents discussions, meetings, exhibitions, a poster wall, lectures, book launches, and educational activities all focusing on the relatively inexpensive multiple book work.

We need you! You may well need us? Tell us about your publications! Come and spend your money! Support artists! Contribute to the never-ending debate about artists’ books!

Text by Clive Phillpot