Colin Sackett


“Since the 1980s, Colin Sackett, a book artist, designer and printer based in Axminster, has been publishing books which take peripheral information as a source material, and rejuvenate it so as to make it newly intelligible and vital. Sources as diverse as book indexes, Ordinance Survey maps, watercress labels and radio commentaries are singled out. These texts are edited and rearranged, sifted and panned and sieved, so that language comes to the surface new and raw and untarnished. The art here is typographical, and the end product of these explorations is a backlist of impeccable publications of simplicity and plainness.”

John Bevis, writing about Colin Sackett ‘Englshpublshing, writing and readings 1991-2002’, Coracle/Spacex/Sixtus, 2004.

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